Compare And Contrast Napoleon And Alexander The Great

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SECTION I: Alexander III of Macedon who is also known as Alexander the Great. He was born in July of 356 BC to Queen Olympias and King Phillip II of Macedon. As a young child Alexander the Great was tutored by the famous Greek philosopher, Aristotle. At a very young age he aided in the Battle of Chaeronea alongside his father. Also, at a young age his father King Phillip II of Macedon, Alexander’s father, was assassinated and subsequently died. Alexander became king of Corinthian League by eliminating his enemies. Alexander’s ego and reputation was very important to him. He inherited one of the largest empires by battling and over taking other kingdoms. He used his honorable position to launch a project his father had previously planned. The plan was called “Panhellenic project” and it was to lead the Greeks on a conquest to rule all of the land including Persia. He invaded the Achaemenid Empire in 334 BC, …show more content…

Napoleon also, was a skilled military leader and became the first emperor of France. Napoleon was a French leader whom quickly rose through the ranks of military during the French revolution and drove his military to expansion and change in the western world. Although they cannot be compared in every way because Napoleon twice relinquished his authority in military leadership, in which Alexander would not have even dreamt of doing. SECTION IV: Alexander the Great should be placed in a time capsule because of his outstanding and notable achievements of brilliant commands and undefeatable battles. He was young and clever with his battle tactics so that he could save the world from imperial enslavement. Alexander was fearless of what other leaders could have done to him and his men, he was so fearless he even stood on the front line with his men, unlike today when the leaders sit back in safe zones while their men die for their

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