How Did Alexander The Great A Hero Or A Villain

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Describe the steps that Alexander the Great and his mother took to ensure his rise to power. Alexander and his mother took many steps to ensure his power as king of Macedonia. One of the first steps he took was to have a great education. Secondly, Alexander may have gotten his father killed by his bodyguard. Lastly, the both of them killed off all potential successors to the throne, even Alexander’s baby boy, Caranus.
2. How did Alexander the Great expand his empire following his rise to power? Alexander the Great expanded his empire following his rise to power because Alexander was a great conqueror of other lands. He conquered much of Asia as well as Egypt, Turkey, Greece and Persia. In addition, Alexander the Great made all of the country …show more content…

In your opinion, was Alexander the Great a hero or a villain? Write an essay in which you use evidence to justify your claim and recognize alternative viewpoints. Please attach additional pages if necessary. Alexander the Great is mainly known for his conquering of almost all of Asia. He exemplified the ways of both a hero and a villain. However, it is my opinion that he is a villain. I believe this because he could be an extremely violent leader and because he never fully reigned over one of the places he conquered/ruled. He is a villain because he murdered thousands of people and soldiers from different nations. Alexander tortured many of his victims and then he killed them. Another reason why he was a villain because he killed members of his family so that he would become the ultimate successor to the throne. This should never be how a king becomes the ruler of his kingdom, ever. Even though I believe that Alexander the Great is a villain, others may think he was a hero. They may think that because he had conquered so many other nations. They also may think he was a hero because of how he fought against his enemies with strength and power. Yet, in my opinion, even though he has done all those great things all the negatives speak louder than the

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