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Alexander the great crucified two thousand defeated soldiers and sold thirty thousand into slavery (Doc C). Alexander the great was born in 356 B.C.E and he was taught by a Greek philosopher, Aristotle (BGE). Alexander's father was assassinated in 336 B.C.E and Alexander took over at the age of twenty (BGE). He used his military skills to conquer most of the known world until he died in 323 B.C.E, and his empire soon followed the same fate (BGE). Was Alexander the Great great? He was not great because he didn’t show concern for others, leadership, or intelligence. Alexander the Great was not the best because of his mass amounts of murder, not much care for his soldiers, and his poor ability to lead. The first reason Alexander the Great is not amazing because of the mass amount of murder he committed. One example is during the battle at Tyre, once Alexander’s army broke into the city they went on a ferocious killing spree (Doc C). Alexander had ordered anyone that was not inside the temple to be slain and he killed seven thousand Tyrians. (Doc C). Once they had pillaged and burned the city, they sold the thirty thousand survivors into slavery and then they crucified two thousand defeated soldiers of military age (Doc C). Crucifying people that gave up or that had hid in the …show more content…

“Finally, at the Indus River in western India, Alexander was stopped - not by an enemy, but by his own army, which refused to go further” (BGE). Also after they conquered a place that is now Pakistan, some people didn’t go back with Alexander (Doc F). When Alexander was pushing into India and his own army stopped him that situation shows that they didn’t have enough trust to follow him any further. Also after they took over the place that is now Pakistan some of his troops didn’t go back. This shows that they might not have had any more trust in Alexander, or they thought he was getting too

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