Harriet Tubman Pawn

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“No matter how full your bank account is or how big your house is, your grave will still be the same size as everyone else so stay humble!” Many today are worried about what others think about how much money one owns, or how big ones house is. However, many do not realize that in God’s eyes whether one has a mansion or no home at all, everyone is equal. A popular Italian proverb states, “After the game, the king and the pawn go into the same box.” The term pawn means a person serving as security; hostage (“Pawn”). One can believe that this quote means after life, if one is a king or if one is a pawn, both go into a casket underground, or the same box. After the game is over, or after one dies, one is put in a casket just like anyone else. Although in life a king may be more recognized and well-known than a slave, or a pawn, both are put in the same box. …show more content…

Harriet was born into slavery as a child and used the Underground Railroad to free many other slaves from their treacherous life. One can infer that she was both loathed and loved by many (“Harriet Tubman Biography”). Alexander the Great, king of Macedonia from 336 to 323 B.C., was a king who conquered the Persian Empire. Alexander was considered one of the greatest “military geniuses.” He created one of the largest empires at a young age. He had very high standards at a very young age and surpassed those standards instantaneously (“Alexander the Great Biography”). One can infer that many looked up to Alexander and respected him. God believes that everyone is created equal; no matter if one is a slave, or a pawn, or a king, they are all equal in the eyes of God. However, when the time came, both of these people died. Both were buried and everyone else moved on to the next person who changed lives. Although one may see vast differences between these two people, God does not. He thinks that they are

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