Alexander The Great Research Paper

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Alexander The Great’s title of “The Great” was not an exaggeration. To earn the title of “The Great”, you must've done some extremely good things as your reign as a king, queen, or emperor. Alexander The Great did many great and powerful things during his lifetime. He established an extremely powerful military, and he knew how to strategically conquer land, and he was interested in turning this conquered land into powerful areas. One of Alexander’s first military feats was the battle against the Macedonians and the Thebans. The Thebans were bitter about the treatment they had received from Alexander’s father, Phillip. Phillip had held Thebans prisoners and even executed some of them. So when Alexander became the new Macedonian king after his late …show more content…

The greatest example of this feat is Alexandria. Alexandria was in Egypt, a place that Alexander had previously conquered. Before Alexander left Egypt after his conquest, he marked off the boundaries for a city near the Nile River. He named this city Alexandria, after himself. This city was intrigued many people, including General Ptolemy 1 who moved his capital to Alexandria from Memphis and made it both a commercial port and a huge cultural center. Alexandria is considered to be the best example of ALexander's successful spreading of Greek Culture. Alexander may have been somewhat known as a big-headed, narcissistic leader, so much so as to going as far as to say that he was the son of Zeus, the King of the Gods. But Alexander truly did deserve the title of “The Great”. To be great in history is not to be a nice, sweet person who is kind to everyone, but to be a smart ruler who knows what he wants and gets what he wants. To be great in history is a title that comes with a lot of speculation, but Alexander The Great deserves none. This young Macedonian King was truly

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