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Alexander of Macedonia inherited the throne when he was only 20 years old. His father, Philip of Macedonia built the Macedonian army into a deadly machine. When Alexander was on the throne, he set out to conquer Persia, which was at that time, the most powerful kingdom. He, Alexander the Third of Macedonia should be called Alexander the Great is because he had a big influence on the world, had genius battle strategies, and because he was respectful.
One reason why Alexander of Macedonia should be called Alexander the Great is that he was very influential. For instance, in Document E, it states that his empire was held together for a very long time after his death. It took him 11 years to build his empire, and it held together for 10 years. This shows that since he had a big influence on his people, they continued to follow his ways of life (E). In addition, for 1000 years, Greek was the official language of Jordan, in the Middle East (E). However, Greece was not in the Middle East. This indicates that because Alexander conquered parts of the Middle East, their main language stayed as Greek. All in all, Alexander should be called Alexander the Great because of his influence on parts of the world.
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For instance, when Alexander was raging a battle against Tyre, he spared the rulers lives, instead of killing them. He had a great reason to want to kill them, but he was respectful to their authority and spared them (C). Moreover, when Alexander was offered water in his helmet, he refused (D). He refused because of he put his army before himself, not because he is ungrateful. His whole army was very thirsty, and if he did not have any, his troops would not ask for any. However, if he did drink it, his troops would not think it was fair. In conclusion, Alexander the Great is a suitable nickname because he was respectful to

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