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Alexander the Great Alexander the Great, a powerful leader, is one of the most famous people in history. Alexander the Great was born in 356 BCE in a kingdom of Greece called Macedonia. Alexander inherited the kingdom at 20 years old when his father, King Philip, was assassinated. This left Alexander to conquer and expand his empire. (BGE) Was Alexander the Great really great? Based on his remarkable achievement, leadership, and concern for others, Alexander the Great was great. Alexander was great for his large empire, his influence, and his generosity to others. One reason that Alexander was great is his large empire. At just the age of 20, Alexander set off to conquer Persia. To do this he had to fight through many lands controlled by …show more content…

When Alexander and his men were marching across the army, his men gave him a helmet full of water specifically for him. “Alexander, with a word of thanks for the gift, took the helmet and, in full view of his troops, poured the water on the ground.” (Doc D). Alexander also allowed many cities to surrender without a fight, and treated the cities that did rather kindly (Doc C). Alexander pouring the water explains why he was great because even though his men had given him water, he refused to drink it, for his men were just as thirsty as he was. Allowing the cities to surrender explains why he was great because it shows that he wasn’t a harsh leader that just seizes control, he lets the city decide to surrender in return for kindness. In conclusion, Alexander the Great was a strong, skilled leader. Alexander the Great did show some qualities of a bad leader. For example, when a sailor found Alexander’s hat that had fell into the water, Alexander ordered his head to be cut off because “he should not allow the head that had worn the royal head band to be safe.” (Doc D). However, Alexander the Great’s empire, influence, and generosity to others do show that overall, Alexander the Great was an amazing

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