Alexander The Great's Impact On Future Generations

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Glorious men have graced the earth and have left significant impressions on the following generations. Alexander the Great suits that profile like none other. As arguably one of the most influential military leaders in history, Alexander conquered the majority of the known world, including large-scale empires such as the Persian. Succeeding his father, Philip II, to the throne at the age of 20, Alexander commanded an already skilled military, which he schooled further in the beginning of his reign. Even militarily significant empires had no chance against Alexander 's military brilliance and so he constructed one of the largest empires in history. After his early death at the age of 33, Alexander left behind a vast empire stretching from Greece to northwestern India. In addition to his empire, however, Alexander also left a lasting impression on the world as a military leader and king. Even today Alexander remains a respected historical character, considering that his military strategies are still used in modern warfare. This paper thus attempts to answer the question what lasting impacts Alexander the Great had on future generations. In doing so this paper will examine three aspects of Alexander the Great: his personality, his military skills and, lastly, the resulting cultural impact of his conquests. In order to galvanize a large army, a leader must primarily be passionate and convinced in himself. These attributes surely describe Alexander the Great adequately. During

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