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  • Iran Resistance

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    Iran has always had a legacy of challenging the existing the status quo, be it with regards to politics, society or culture. Iran waged a revolution against the modernising Pahlavi regime to establish a conservative clerical government under Khomeini. Iranians have projected various forms of resistance to the onslaught of colonialism. Hamid Dabashi says that without these forms of groundbreaking initiatives or resistance, Iranian subject would have been historically denied or colonially modulated

  • Iran Contra Scandal

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    Iran Contra Scandal The Iran-Contra affair was a controversial political scandal that dealt with senior US figures who had been facilitating the sale of arms to Iran, that was under an arms embargo, to secure the release of the hostages and to fund the Nicaraguan anti communist rebel contras. The secret operation was brought out to the public in 1986 after a Lebanese publication reported about how the US sold arms to the Irans. The information was pulled out of a US pilot that was shot down and

  • Grief In Iran Essay

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    Grief in Iran In Iranian culture there are a variety of religions, the passage from life into the other side has been dealt with in different ways, depending on the belief of the people. The major religion in Iran is the Islamic, in this case study we are going to explain how the grief process is done in Iran. The body of the descanted must be buried within 24 hours, and it will be washed in line with the Islamic traditions, scented with camphor and the body will be wrapped in a white cloth (kafan)

  • Country Analysis: Iran

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    Country Analysis Paper: Iran Introduction/ History: Iran is home to one of the world’s oldest continuous major civilizations, with historical urban settlements dating back to 4000 BC. Iran used to be known as Persia until 1935 when it became known as the Islamic republic. Iran won its independence in April of 1979 following the triumph of the Islamic Revolution, led by Ayatollah Khomeini who was the founder of Iran as an Islamic Republic. He was an Iranian Shia Muslim

  • Security Issues In Iran

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    President Obama has urged Iran and North Korea to abandon its nuclear programs and avoid "confrontation", warning that the breach of international commitments would lead to certain consequences. The views of countries in the Seoul summit ,and it includes the views of countries like Iran about nuclear terrorism attention to the political aspects of double standards and the exploitation of the issue as leverage against some countries. He was one of the key issues at the summit meetings nuclear security

  • The Herat Uprising: The Shia Revolution In Iran

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    rooted ethnicities in Iran was a figurative death sentence for the Shah’s long-winded rule. Expectedly, this was a large focus and claim to power of the Ayatollah’s during the and in the aftermath of the changes that came with revolutionary Iran. The Shia population was especially empowered, and this was a shift in sociopolitical ideology that did not go unnoticed around the region. Shia Muslims constitute for a mere ten percent of the worlds Islamic population, yet in Iran, and its most immediate

  • Women Violations In Iran

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    The Violation of Women’s Rights in Iran Although inequality seems to be a concern of the past, it is still a major issue for women that currently live in Iran. Iran is currently recognized as a traditional country rather than a modern one. For decades women have struggled against inequality and continue to struggle with it today. With the many laws that are enforced, “every aspect of their existence - from how they must dress in public, to the subjects they can study at a university and the job they

  • Iran Hostage Crisis

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    Taken Hostage: The Iran Hostage Crisis and America’s First Encounter with Radical Islam OVERALL COMMENTS I. INTRO On November 4, 1979 Iranian students stormed the US Embassy in Tehran and held for 444 days, sixty-six American hostages.This event would go down in history as the Iran Hostage Crisis and as America 's first encounter with militants of Radical Islam. This event was an obvious symbol of the United States’ “inability to control its own fate, maintain its dignity, and pursue independent

  • The Iran-Contra Affair

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    Democracies throughout the world. America has been submerged in operations from Latin America to the Middle East. Being this Global Force has created many complicated and messy situations, one of them being the Iran-Contra Affair. In no other reality would the countries Nicaragua and Iran ever come into the same sentence, but these two countries played a critical role in American History. It also brings about the simple question of why? Why are these countries so important? Why was the Reagan Administration

  • Essay On Iran Revolution 1979

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    Iran Revolution 1979 Since the fall of the Shah of Iran, Mohammad Raza Pehlevi, following the Iranian Revolution of 1979 things have never been the same for The Islamic Republic of Iran. In the following research paper we will delve as to what led to the citizens of Iran to revolt against the shah, its effects on the country, its success or failure and finally comparing it with past and future revolutions. Iran had come under the rule of the Shah after his father abdicated the throne. Iran was ruled

  • Compare Clinton's Impeachment And The Iran Hostage Scandal

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    national security. Carter did so during the Iran Hostage Crisis, particularly with regard to the Argo Operation. However, tell the truth at all other times. It will prevent a lot of issues. Watergate, Clinton’s Impeachment, and the Iran-Contra Scandals all could have been avoided if people had just told the truth. This is an all-around good rule to follow. No one is above the law, especially the president. Watergate, Clinton’s Impeachment, and the Iran-Contra Scandals were all caused by the illegal

  • Iran Hostage Crisis Analysis

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    including 66 Americans. 6 American’s however were able to escape. The film Argo produced in 2012 by Ben Affleck follows the story of these 6 American diplomats who sought refuge in the Canadian Embassy and used a Hollywood cover film, Argo, to flee Iran. Argo was a success, winning 3 Oscar’s and 2 Golden Globe’s, however from many Iranian’s perspectives, the film was a multitude of inaccuracies. It over-exaggerated the Iranian motives, excluded and distorted important Iranian historical events and

  • Operation Ajax: The United States Influence In Iran

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    would rid him of Mosaddiq and appoint the American general. This change in leadership would allow the United States to be able to have greater influence in Iran and have greater access to Iranian oil. However, Mosaddiq publicly announced that there was a coup and had the American general arrested. The Shah signed the decree and then fled Iran because of the publicity, yet his supporters

  • Ronald Reagan's Decision To End The Hostage Crisis In Iran

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    alarm, which put the embassy into lock¬down. After several hours the Americans in the embassy were unable to last any longer and they were captured. The hostages were told that they would be released, however, only when the Shah was forced back to Iran in order to stand trial for the crimes he had committed. President Carter’s diplomacy was not succeeding, the crisis was lasting much longer than anyone thought and the former president even considered the prospect of using force. The government was

  • The Jewry In Iran

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    the Jewish population of Iran encountered both in the past. The Jewry in Iran increased many times through history. Jews were drawn to Iran when it was a prosperous country with religious equality. In spite of the Iranian Jews being foreigners to this unfamiliar country, they established successful lives for themselves. They built a Jewish education for their children all while being persecuted. The Jewish population of Iran decreased at times. Many Jewish families left Iran when their lives were endangered

  • Not Without My Daughter Cultural Analysis

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    effect is seen between American and Iranian/Muslim cultures during the 1980s and the 2010s. Many effects of the resistance are seen in the movie "Not Without My Daughter". Many of the changes and events in Iran have been focused on women, religion, dress, and family. Since the revolution Iran has become a devout Muslim country ruled by a very religious government, and because of its

  • Social Issues In Persepolis

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    issues, women’s rights, political repression, social issues etcetera. Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi is the authors memoir of growing up in Iran during the Islamic Revolution. Marjane Satrapi tells her story through black and white comic strips of her life in Tehran from her childhood ages six to fourteen. Persepolis portrays a memorable portrait of daily life in Iran, as well the perplexing contradictions between home life and public life. The graphic novel shows how we carry on, with laughter and waterworks

  • Religion In The Iranian Revolution

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    The Iranian revolution was surrounded by the imagery and representation of the religion Shiism Islam. The religion served as the fuel filling the revolution. “Ideology is not simply a set of ideas in people's minds or in an accomplished text. Ideology can be observed in people's attempts to formulate their strategies of action and in the activities and artifacts of its producers (Wuthnow 1989, p. 16 as cited in Moaddel, 1992).” Wherefore, ideology is best theorized using concepts, principles and

  • Iranian Revolution Essay

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    Reza Shah Pahlavi of the Pahlavi Dynasty in Iran during his regime ( Khomeini, 1981) had received rejections from the Iranian community and eventually resulted to the Islamic revolution which occurred in the year 1979. Although the rule under the Shah had modernise Iran and was supported by the United States and also, considered by the West that his rule was the most stable rule in Iran, he received oppositions by the majority of the community in Iran due to his tyrannical personality and his un-Islamic

  • Women In Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis

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    Satrapi, may seem like, at first glance, a revolutionary narrative about Iran and how similar it is from everywhere else. Satrapi’s goal in her novel was to defend Iran and try to make readers understand that Iran really, is not too different. It is important to note that it is extremely debatable to say that most people in western societies, especially the U.S, share a perspective, unfortunately a common one, that the country of Iran has a reputation for Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism. The information