The Enlightenment And Imperialism

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The Enlightenment and Imperialism completely revolutionized how people look at the world and what they think of it. These two major events also help to bring to light to determine how free the world is today in terms of suppressed rights and liberties in assorted countries. The freedom of the world can also be determined by modern day resources such as The cycle of securing individual freedoms has been heavily impacted by the Enlightenment, Imperialization and the drafting of the Declaration of Rights of Man and Citizen.
The Scientific Revolution is what lead the people into a new way of life, a life where they were valued as well as their ideas in society and in government. The Englistement was influenced by the development
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Enlightenment philosophical concepts were mostly centered on moving away from absolute monarchies, were they held all the power but to a democracy where people were able to corporate their ideas in government and make decisions. From these teachings and new intellectual discoveries, The Enlightenment influenced the American and French revolution as well as the Latin Wars. John Locke 's Ideas were heavily utilized in both the American and French revolutions. In the American Revolution, his three rights for all were incorporated in their Declaration of Independence from the British monarchy. Similar clashes between the government and the governed occurred in Haiti. The people of Haiti were slaves to those of the French and wanted change. In 1971 they revolted and lead a successful anti-slavery and anti-colonial rebellion against their French captors. The effects of this revolution lead to the creation of a state which was the first time an upheaval resulted in…show more content…
In conclusion, all these different events impacted the world in so many ways. Through the horrific wars such as the Latin wars and the French and American revolution, the Enlightenment ideas were being incorporated more in people 's lives as well as government. The purpose of the Enlightenment was to shed light on freedoms and liberties that citizens are entitled to but not getting. These same people also believed that colonizing people was in a way incorporating Enlightenment ideals by bringing civilization to them. This can be demonstrated in Rwanda which is still recovering from the aftermaths of Imperialism. In truth, all they were doing were revoking people’s rights and liberties which in turn is still not as prevalent in today’s society. Just Mercy illustrated that the Enlightenment ideals are being utilized to reform our justice system. From looking at all these different viewpoints throughout history and modern day society, they put really put into perspective just how free the
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