Egyptian Revolution Enlightenment

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The French Revolution and the Egyptian Revolution have some similar ideals as Enlightenment had. The philosophes had varying ideas of government and what should happen in society. This essay will compare the actions of the revolutions to the ideas of the philosophes and ideals of Enlightenment. First during Enlightenment Hobbes believed that people should give up their freedoms to a strong leader for peace, safety, and order. This also occurred during the French Revolution. The Directory had been the current government but it had become weak and ineffective. That resulted in a coup d'état where there was a forced transfer of power over to Napoleon. The citizens of France loved Napoleon because he promised stability, peace, and order, three …show more content…

He believed in a dictatorship that used violence and terror to gain power. This idea was clearly apparent in the reign of terror during the French Revolution. The reign of terror was probably one of the worst parts of the revolution that backfired on it's creators. Death by guillotine was well too common during the horrendous times of the reign of terror. This revolting execution device could kill more than one person per minute. Peasants and laborers were most commonly killed although nobility and those of upper classes were also put to death. The decisions of who would be executed we're made by the revolutionary tribunal. Even Robespierre the supporter and leader of the national convention was killed at the end. People who were accused or even having a slight possibility of being counterrevolutionary, being against the revolution and government, were arrested and most commonly put to death. This was also happening during the Egyptian Revolution. There was a state of emergency from basically 1967-2012. A state of emergency is where government officials, police, and any government authority has the right to do whatever they feel is necessary for the country's safety. During the Egyptian state of emergency the law was heavily enforced, people's rights we're take away, censorship was enforced and police had the power to do what hey wanted for practically no reasons. This state of emergency also didn't allow any political activity or organizations that weren't government approved. In my opinion the French Revolution reflected the enlightenment ideals better than the Egyptian revolution. The French Revolution and more specifically the third estate directly took ideas from philosophes and enlightenment and incorporated them into their revolution and governments. There are many ways in which the Egyptian revolution reflected enlightenment ideals but the French Revolution reflected the ideals

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