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During the French Revolution, a period that is recognized as one of the most socially and politically transformative in the French Empire, changes in styles of governance from monarchy to a republican together with changes in social understanding and acceptance for all took place. One of the lead figures and revolutionists was Maximilien Robespierre who is especially credited with being the leader of the Reign of Terror which was a smaller event but part of the revolution. As the French Revolution went on, Robespierre, together with similarly minded individuals Danton and their followers engaged in the ruthless executions of people who were deemed to be enemies of the revolution and to keep away any foreign interference towards the revolution (Tackett, 2000).
As an individual, Robespierre was both a lawyer and a politician who rose through the ranks of …show more content…

He vocally sensitized his followers to fight for their rights, defend their respect and to remove the anti-revolutionists. They reined terror in the hidden circles of the city away from publicity where they gathered their victims and murdered them. Robespierre wanted to show that his loyalty for the common people and his campaigns for liberty and democracy had not changed. In fact, he wanted to be seen as the lead libertarian.
The Reign of Terror was a bad and horrific period that lasted almost a year. It involved the rough and dark reality of crowd justice and murder as the terminal for the victims of the same. By this time, rough justice was the word in the streets of Paris and in other sections of the country. The Jacobins and the sun-culottes joined hands. The violence was unstoppable. Murder was the order of the day as Robespierre had pointed out. The killings began in Paris and spread to the provinces where supporters of the system facilitated terrors within their

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