Robespierre: Good Or Evil?

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A demon’s wings that is colored white is the most frightening of all. He who strongly believes that his ideal is just, right and for the good of the people; but in the eyes of so many people, what he does is inhumane and evil; thus comparable to a demon. Robespierre is someone that describes the earlier statements. He thinks his belief is right but the wrong aspect about this is he clings too much on that belief that he forgets reality. In reality, his contribution is terrorizing the people and tarnishing the values of the government. He turn the color of the sky from blue to black. People are scared and helpless. They are just waiting for the time when they will have an injustice death. It is a fact that before, all his ideals were …show more content…

He justified and proved that what he is doing is “right” by doing speeches and even using an audience to watch deaths of the many “enemies of the state”. Robespierre said in one of his speeches, “Terror is nothing more than speedy, severe and inflexible justice; it is thus an emanation of virtue; it is less a principle in itself, than a consequence of the general principle of democracy, applied to the most pressing needs of the patrie”. He is saying that terror is what is needed in his time, there are no other plausible solutions. This is the only one. But I want to ask him, is a person aged 18 that sawed a tree that represents this so-called liberty deserved death? Is a woman that was charged with the crime of having wept at her husband’s execution just? What is worst as said by the description of The Terror at Bordeaux, “the woman was condemned to sit for hours under the blade which shed upon her, drop by drop the blood of her dead husband…before she was released by death.” This is so inhumane that it gives me frightening goosebumps. Is this what you called “solution”? This is a solution that is impractical, illogical and of course, …show more content…

Where there will be at least peace and less deaths. But sadly those teachings were wrong. Today in the Philippines, death penalty is being brought up again. If it will be pass in Congress, it will be the 1st time for that law to be approved in our government . I am totally against this. The chance for those people to change for the better; to become a better person and a chance to have a bright future was destroyed in one single law. This is so inhumane. Is one single mistake/crime equivalent to death? Is death the answer? You could say that they cannot repeat their mistakes if they were killed, but have you thought or realized that he/she can regret his/her crimes, repent and change? You are taking away his/her future and life. Most importantly, instead of decreasing the criminality rate, you are slowly increasing it. Why? You are awakening the anger of the relatives and many concerned citizens and might resort to vengeance. In this penalty, you aren’t sure if he/she is innocent or guilty. There is a big possibility that you are killing an innocent. You are taking away his/her smiles that he/she should have in the future. Instead of giving positive reinforcements, you are giving fear and we know that fear isn’t the answer based on numerous events on history. Haven’t you learned your lesson? It is true that fear will at first, consume people’s mind. But

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