Persuasive Essay Pro Death Penalty

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For hundreds of years, the death penalty has been a way to punish the guilty, the accused, and sometimes the innocent. Some believe that capital punishment is a way to show and teach the public that committing a crime is wrong, unlawful, dishonorable. It is a way to have justice for the victim and their families. Some also believe that people who don’t agree with the death penalty feel that they are valuing the killer 's lives before the victims. Capital punishment/ death penalty isn’t just black and white. Some inmates regret what they did, others see it as an accomplishment. Some inmates are wrongfully committed. When adding that to the millions of dollars spent on death row inmates, how can 't we see that life imprisonment is a productive way of dealing with the inmates?
Even though the death penalty may seem like a way to help victims and make criminals suffer, it is not effective. It does more harm than good. One reason is that the death penalty is not allowing the offender to suffer. If the inmate lacks remorse and doesn 't care if he or she dies or not, how is killing them is teaching them that killing is wrong. In some cases, living a life with no freedom and isolation are worse than living at all. A few minutes of suffering is not the same as the suffering …show more content…

Innocent people have and are still dying today. Deceptive Forensic evidence and a poor legal team are one of the causes of receiving the death penalty. Even though new technologies also help catch criminals, not every crime is technology based. Some trials are based on confessions and testimonies. Others commit perjury, make false accusations, and confessions to protect themselves, or someone else. Lastly, some police and lawyers intimate and manipulate witness to confess. This puts innocent lives at risk. What happens if in the future someone admits to lying or new evidence comes up showing that he or she did not commit a crime? Death is

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