Loss In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Loss can relate to many things, a friend, a pet,or a family member, or really anything that can be take away from you. Candy a swamper at the ranch, he’s an old man with one hand. The reason he works there is because the other people at the ranch felt bad because he only has one hand, he cleans up and organizes stuff. Candy had a dog and he was his best friend, the dog was starting to get pretty old and it was hard for the dog do anything. Late at night all of the workers got together and discussed candy’s dog, Slim was saying the dog was way too old,saying it smelt bad and it was useless. Everyone thought that is what a good idea. Slim had said, “ I wisht somebody’d shoot me if I get old an’ a cripple” he was making a good point. Carlson

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