Chapter Four Of John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Although George can be seen as caring to others he may be seen as controlling over what Lennie says and does. In chapter four, George goes off with the other farmhands to have fun and relax while he leaves Lennie alone back at the ranch. When Lennie goes off to pet his pup that Slim, one of the other farmhands, gave him, he sees someone else in the barn so he goes over and starts to talk with the stable buck, Candy.. When George found out what Lennie was talking about with a black guy, he scowled at Lennie and scolded him. "George scowled. "I though I tol ' you not to tell nobody about that."" (83). This selection shows George 's need to control Lennie by not allowing Lennie to tell others about what he wants to do later on in life, and
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