Loss Of Faith In Night By Elie Wiesel

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”The news spread through Sighet like wildfire. Soon that was all people talked about. But not for long. Optimism soon revived: The Germans will not come this far. They will stay in Budapest… In less than three days, German Army vehicles made their appearance on our streets.”(Wiesel, 9). In the story “Night” Elie Wiesel expresses how he loses his faith in himself, his loss in his fellow men, and the loss in God during his time in the Holocaust, these things were caused by the time period this occurred, the former strength and presence of his faith, and the people and specific events that happened to him during the Holocaust. This could also show how one person’s faith could have been strengthened from these epic events while it destroyed Elie’s.The …show more content…

To begin with, Elie Wiesel had lost faith in himself from the destruction because of the physical way he viewed the situation. “In a few seconds, we had ceased to be men…. The student of talmud, the child I was, had been consumed by the flames. All that was left was a shape that resembled me. My soul had been invaded-and devoured- by a black flame” (Wiesel, 37) Elie Wiesel views this situation physically from the way they were exposed and how they had lost their pride so quickly. From being the person they were to someone completely different and less significant. He viewed this first situational as the first abominable event, that begin the rest. “Sensitive people who were used to a rich intellectual life may have suffered much pain, but the damage to their inner selves was less. They were able to retreat from their terrible surroundings to a life of inner riches and spiritual freedom.” (Frankl). A spiritual view is expressed, that allowed him to use the destruction from the situation and strengthen his faith in

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