Loss Of Hope In Night By Elie Wiesel

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Elie's nostrils flair at the hint of meat. His hands clasp the warm bowl of broth in his hands. He raises it to his lips, then he awakes from his only true dream anymore ever since his father died. The book is about the holocaust, it is first person perspective by Elie Wiesel. Night takes place back when Elie was a teenager which allows it to show how being a teen in the holocaust truly was. The theme of Night is "'a loss of hope leads to a loss of life" as demonstrated by a collective loss of will power and emotion.
First, when somebody loses the willpower to carry on it's all pretty much over as demonstrated with Akiba Drumer '"Poor Akiba Drumer, if only he could have kept his faith in God, if only he could have considered this suffering

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