Book Reports On Night By Elie Weliezer

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The book Night is about Elie Weliezer and his father in a concentration camp, trying their best to stay alive. Throughout the book, Eleie ended up having to take care of himself and his father, so Elie had to go through so many obstacles with his father, who was dying through the process. The author, Elie Weliezer, wrote the book with lots of important/specific details, which made it easier to understand and visualize. "Not far from us, flames,huge flames, were rising from a ditch. Something was being burned there." Elie explained this very well. Not only did he he say there were flames, but he described it by explaining if it was big or not. He also said his thoughts with why he thought there were big flames and what he thought was in it. …show more content…

We were coming closer and closer to the pit, from which an infernal heat was rising. Twenty more steps. If I was going to kill myself, this was the time. Our column had only 15 steps to go. I bit my lips so that my father would not hear my teeth shattering." Weliezer described how he was feeling and what he was planning to do in a matter of steps. He didn't just say, I was nervous or scared. But he explained why he was nervous and why he was going to do what he was planning to do. Explaining how he felt made me able to visualize how he was standing and how he was physically acting like. The third example I have of showing how Weliezer used great details is "Belt and shoes in hand, I let myself be dragged along to the barbers. Their clippers tore out their hair, shaved every hair on our bodies. My head was buzzing; the same thought surfacing over and over: not to be seperated from my father." Elie Weliezer used very descriptive words in these few sentences. He didn't just say "I went to the barber, and they cut my hair. And while they were doing that, all I was

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