Book Report On Night By Elie Wiesel

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Have you ever cared for someone so much, that you forgot about your own health and safety, so you could focus on theirs? Elie Wiesel tells his story about his time in a concentration camp during World War Two in his very own book, Night. He was only 13 years old in the comfort of his home in Sighet, Transylvania, until the Nazis invaded and began tearing his life apart. Once Elie and his father get to Auschwitz, you'll see Elie's survival chances fall, due to carrying his fathers weight, only dragging him further down. Elie would give his rations of soup and bread to his father, so he could stay strong and survive. When they were in Buchenwald, the sick could not leave bed, and were not given soup or bread. Elie wanted to be near his father, "For a …show more content…

Elie's father being alive was something like a crutch for him. Elie's foot had started to swell because it was cold out, and there was discussion about the Red Army approaching, and how the Nazi's would kill off all the injured. Elie, however, had a different mindset,"As for me, I was thinking not about death but about not wanting to be separated from my father." (Wiesel 82). Elie's desire to be with his father and care for him was great, but he would suppress his own pain for his father, which in turn, could've killed Elie. Elie's father being alive removed his own focus from himself, and put it on his father. They arrived at the new camp, and the sick were to stay in bed, so Elie's father had stayed. Elie's father had not gotten soup, because the sick were told they were going to die soon, and weren't going to waste rations on them. Elie wanted him to have strength,"I gave him what was left of my soup. But my heart was heavy. I was aware that I was doing it grudgingly." (107). Elie was giving his father his own soup, putting his own life at risk, so his father could survive just a little longer, even though he was basically

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