Loss Of Personal Identity

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It is great to be yourself to others. Right? People will want to “borrow” your identity to be like you. You decided to give them your personal info so they can be like you. They might “accidently” mess up on something and you get in trouble because they used your identity and you take the blame. The REAL you is blamed for it. People will take your identity to go on a crazy or illegal act, by acting as you, so someone else takes the blame. People will “borrow” your home and/or address, credit card’s numbers, social security number, or maybe they very soon to lose YOUR innocents in court. Based from (Debra Fulghum Bruce) At all cost, avoid giving your personal information to random people from the street or online and even to …show more content…

You even have to avoid giving your “hints” to places like the job you work, the school you attend, or your home. “You wouldn’t tell some 40-year-old man or woman you met at the mall your name and where you live, would you? So why would you tell CoolGuy985 or HotChick16 from the chat room?” said Debra Bruce. You can never trust your to anyone you just one day met from either online or asking to meet you at a certain street. (www.nationalcac.org/prevention/internet-safety-kids.html) If you are giving passwords, trust them to your parents or your guardian. If someone from online ever say or sent a message saying they want to “meet” you, it would be best if you tell your parents/guardian(s) about it. Downloading for a game or music must first be checked by the parents. “If anything makes you feel uncomfortable online, while gaming or when using your cell phone, talk with your parents or guardian right away.” It would be best to use the privacy settings in the social networking sites for a safe pre-caution. Don’t give your info, I repeat DON’T give you info. (www.nypl.org/help/about-nypl/legal notices/internet-safety-tips) There are people who would ask for your personal information. Those kinds of people are called identity thieves.

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