Louisiana Purchase Research Paper

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American Creation: The Purchase, Joseph Ellis Thesis: The purchase of the Louisiana Territory from France by America opened a new chapter of American national security in History, and helped to fuel western expansion along with the growing influence of the United States worldwide. The Louisiana purchase also helped to demonstrate the extreme extent of the Executive branch’s power, and the many negative consequences it brought with executive mismanagement which included mismanagement of colonial settlement, Indian removal, and failure to abolish slavery. Reasons: The Louisiana Purchase opened a new chapter in American national security, by removing French and British imperial ambitions in the states. Spain signed a secret treaty ceding half of her North American …show more content…

Napoleon fails to take back control of Santo Domingo, and as a result he no longer requires any of the land in Louisiana. On a whim, he sells the entire territory to America for $15,000,000. Napoleon withdrew French influence in the Americas to fight the war in Europe, and the British also had minimal political influence in the Americas. Spain lost most of it’s colonial power in the Americas, and was irritated at the purchase, because of the large amount of power it gave the United States. As a result of the deal, the United States became the strongest nation in the Americas, because of tightened security and minimal influence from foreign powers. As a result of the Purchase, Western expansion grew along with Global American Influence, and Jefferson demonstrated the extended powers of the Executive Branch. The United States acquired the most fertile tract of land in the world of its size, and as a result, became self sufficient for food in the nineteenth century and the agrarian superpower in the twentieth

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