Love And Love In Lorraine Hansberry's Raisin In The Sun

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Family has always occupied one of the most important places among the values of human life. This is understandable, because all people are at different stages of their lives are somehow connected with the family, it is a natural part of this life. Of course, in the family there must be love for each other; but also has to be patience, respect, willingness to listen and to help. People need to be ready to sacrifice for their family their time, their desires. Sometimes life is hard, and things go wrong. At these hard times each family is tested for strength, and only a true loving and caring family will face all of the troubles together, as one, no matter what. Play А Raisin in the Sun , by Lorraine Hansberry , presenting to a reader family , that is going through a hard time. All people tend to have dreams. Big ones or small ones. So did every member of this family. All of them had their own dreams and desires; and they were willing to do anything it takes to achieve their dreams. But what is most valuable: having your dreams come true, or keeping a family…show more content…
She is full of love for her family and wants to give all her money to buy a new house so they all can move out. It was her money, and she could do with it anything she wanted to , like move out on her own, but she decided to invest it in something that would please all of her family members and give them a better life. “It’s - it’s a nice house too. Three bedrooms - nice big one for you and Ruth. Me and Beneatha still have to share our room, but Travis have one of his own” (Hansberry 487). Lena understands the importance of having a family, and she is willing to give up everything she has in order to make her child’s life better “There ain’t nothing as precious to me... There ain’t nothing worth holding on to, money, dreams, nothing else - if it means - if it means it’s going to destroy my boy” (Hansberry
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