Love And Pride And Sacrifice Analysis

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“Love and Honor and Pity and Pride and Compassion and Sacrifice”

Nam Le’s “Love and Honor and Pity and Pride and Compassion and Sacrifice” is categorized in “ethnic story” narrated his Vietnamese life in order to meet an upcoming deadline even though finally he can’t submit his story because his father burns his work. Throughout the story, Nam the narrator talks about “the past” which he experiences when he was young including the recent experience that he has got from his father reunion. Not only does the story tell us about the past which, but it also shows a connection of time between past, present, and future. Likewise, the story shows the relationship between son and father which is the main theme of this story; and shows how the past is important and affect to them differently. Also, the story of the past could lead to the end of the story that can be interpreted like a prediction of the direction of their relationship in the future. Do you see the connection of time in the story? Nam and Ba give an importance toward “the past” differently. Nam ties himself up with the past, and he allows it to impact and control his life. He doesn’t learn to live with it and move forward, but he chooses to be stuck in it. He’s still angry with what father used to do with him when he was young. Obviously, he has a bad relationship with his father when he was young. He says that Ba is “an abusive” father and tough on him while he was growing up. For instance, Nam was required to

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