Love The Divine Analysis

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The universal power of Love is encapsulated in the very nature the universe grows and encompasses all in its fold-the earth and the sky. Such is the emancipator nature of love. In its true nature, Love is Divine. True Love is higher consciousness. The growth of consciousness is the growth in love. The real basis of love is not physical but the soul. It is the affinity of the soul. When someone loves something, says sage Yajnavalkya in the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, in fact, love the Atman ‘the Divine’ in them. Whatever looks beautiful or loveable, the stratum beneath is the divine. Love finds not its full meaning, its full fruition and completion until it becomes divine. “All is new felt in God” (425). Thus growing in love is the real Sadhana…show more content…
Her mission in life is to uphold the adventure of the growing Divine in man, (that Satyavan’s life symbolizes) the evolving Godhood in humanity. That is why, she proclaims: “My will is greater than thy law, O Death /My love is stronger than the bonds of Fate” (Savitri 10.3.454-455). Since the love between her and Satyavan had on it the heavenly seal of the supreme, it was her responsibility to guard that seal against all the efforts of the king of Death who tried to break it and tear it apart. Their love never made them feel separate. Together, their life became an enactment of love. What human beings commonly understand by love is mainly an attraction; if intense, an infatuation. Love amongst men is mainly a physical and emotional fulfilment. It is possessive and demands largely an ego –gratification. Very few of human beings attain the stage in love, when it is self- transforming. Understood aright, love as a primordial force, manifests everywhere, not in human beings alone. Its movement is there in the plants. In the animals, it is easy to detect its presence. The very first touch of love even in human beings shows something of its purer substance. For a moment its divine touch awakens and magnifies all that is fine and beautiful. Love movement is free. It is independent of the objects in which and through which it manifests. It manifests where there is receptivity, wherever there is some opening for it. Love in its real nature is not a personal or individual thing; what makes it appear so is only the individual’s capacity to receive and manifest this universal force. It is a supremely conscious power. It chooses its instruments consciously and endeavors to realize in them that which is its eternal aim. In human, physical, vital, emotional, mental and spiritual love are the different stages. They are the outer forms of love. They cannot give a permanent or complete satisfaction until they culminate in the divine love.
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