Luke And Allen In The Tamassee River

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The drowning of a young girl in an environmentally protected river causes a reporter named Maggie to be sent to her hometown to cover the story. She is partnered with a man named Allen, and they eventually grow to like each other. However, Maggie used to be in love with a man named Luke who lives in the town. Luke is the absolute opposite of Allen, they are not alike in any way. These two characters differences help shape the story and show how different points-of-view and experiences influence people’s thoughts on situations. Three of the main differences between Luke and Allen are their personalities/appearances, relationships with Maggie, and their stance on the river situation. Luke and Allen are almost complete opposites. Luke has …show more content…

The situation is that a young girl drowned and her body is stuck in an area of heavy current in the river. It will be impossible to retrieve her body without building a temporary dam to divert the flow of water to allow divers to safely retrieve the body. However, the Tamassee River is a river protected by the Wild and Scenic River Act, which is federal law. It states that the river cannot be altered from its natural state in any way, which includes the drilling into the bedrock to install the temporary dam. Some people want the river to be left alone and allow the body to remain there while some want a dam to be built so the body can be retrieved. Luke is one that believes it should be left alone. Luke was the main person that helped the Tamassee River become a Wild and Scenic River in the first place, he doesn’t want all his hard work to be immediately thrown away. Luke experienced being beat up by loggers and having his place of work shot up because of people disagreeing with him. He believes that once they allow one person to start doing stuff to the river, everybody will start to mess with it. He thinks that greedy, money-hungry people will do whatever they want to the river for some cash. He believes this will lead to the river being ruined. One time Luke got sucked under the current while not wearing a life jacket and almost drowned. He loved it and said that he never felt closer to nature than in that moment. He believes the river is the only holy thing left. He compares it to the Garden of Eden. Allen takes the opposite side in this situation. He thinks that it is a completely reasonable request for some parents to wish to retrieve their daughter’s body so she can have a proper burial. The mother fears that if her body isn’t recovered and buried, that her daughter will remain in purgatory forever. Allen thinks they should build the dam and doesn’t see why it has

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