Plan Too Fishy For My Taste Buds By Daniel Weintraub

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After reading “River Plan Too Fishy for my Taste Buds”, by Bill McEwen and “River Restoration project Offers a Sprinkling of Hope”, by Daniel Weintraub. Do you think they should have brought the river back? Why? Why not? Right a 5-6 sentence response , must be in AXES format (No I, me and my). It was a right thing to bring back the river, not only to bring back the Salmon , but also to help the environment. Daniel Weintraub writes, “... the warring parties.. are working together on a project that should benefit the environment.. fishing industry and local economy”(3).This affirmation is describing that not only are the warring groups coming together, but they are helping the environment by bringing back the river.To bring back the San Joaquin

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