Lying And Clothing In The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Gatsby Essay
Green usually means go but F. Scott Fitzgerald the author of The Great Gatsby doesn't play by the rules. White usually means pure yet Fitzgerald uses it to symbolize a character's lack of innocence. Lying and cheating is typically considered wrong, unacceptable and leads you nowhere in life. Contrary to that belief Fitzgerald evokes it to show how successful the worst moral people are.With the array of different motifs
Fitzgerald is conveying the message that appearances are deceiving.
Fitzgerald utilizes the motif of white ironically to illustrate how impure the characters are. Daisy walks in “dressed in white” in her den (Fitzgerald 74). By revealing daisy wearing white, Fitzgerald is using the common interpretation of white …show more content…

Another motif Fitzgerald uses to highlight that appearances are deceiving is the motif of lying/cheating. Nick is “one of the few honest people” that he has ever known (Fitzgerald
59). When Nick states this he is lying to himself. The entire book he is judging others and he thinks of himself as better than others when he is actually not. Gatsby tells Nick “daisy comes over quite often” late in the afternoons. (Fitzgerald 120) Daisy is cheating on Tom with Gatsby making her no better than Tom when he cheats with Myrtle.
Furthermore, Fitzgerald links the motif of the green light to Gatsby as it is not appearing to be a simple green light to him but a symbol of hope and dreams he wishes to accomplish.
Nick notices “a single green light” across the bay (Fitzgerald 21). In addition to nick watching the green light Gatsby was at the end of the dock watching too. Whole heartily
“Gatsby believed in the green light” knowing that where his dreams were. The green light across the bay was Daisy’s dock; Gatsby dreams and desires were

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