Examples Of Dialectical Journal For The Great Gatsby

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Chapter one There were many important parts about chapter one. I think that the green light drove the plot the most though. It also had a connection with Gatsby's desire and symbolized it. In the beginning of the book Nick began describing himself. He said that he wasn’t a judgmental person. He also said that attribute came from and was passed on to him by his father. He described him in a very negative way. He said that he had a very aggressive personality. He also described him as a bad husband and did certain things to his wife. Jordan Baker is Daisy's friend. Nick found a couple of things appealing about her. Her slender body and grey eyes were those things. Gatsby is standing on his balcony and is stretching his arms out to the green light. The same green light is the green light on the Daisy's dock. This is what Gatsby was doing when Nick …show more content…

I think the most crucial part was when Dr. T.J. Eckleburg's eyes were gazing from their billboard. This part kept the readers wondering and I felt that it was part of something bigger. The first time Nick met Tom's mistress was when they were on their way to New York City. Tom and Nick took a stop at a garage that belonged to his mistress's husband. Nick found out then and he noticed what was going on. She was very happy when she saw him. She was very sexual and full of life. She was very enthusiastic and loved the fact that she was seeing him. George is a man with light blue eyes and has blond hair. He is lacks power and is very weak as a person. He was thinking Tom came because he was selling him a car. The Valley of ashes is a very low class area. It is basically a trash dump. The valley of ashes represents and symbolizes the rotting of the American dream because of the rotting of the valley. To is a very violent character. He attacked Myrtle because she mentioned his wife daisy. He even ended up breaking her nose because of

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