Lynching In Civil War

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Lynching in the United States was more common in the south, since people there was still unhappy about the civil war. « Lynching is the practice whereby a mob--usually several dozen or several hundred persons--takes the law into its own hands in order to injure and kill a person accused of some wrongdoing. » (Zangrado 1) The lynching period was between 1882 and 1968, a few years after the civil war. Although lynching did not just occur in the United States or between 1882 and 1968, it was a big event that caused lots of problems. There were 4743 people who were lynched during that time period and in those 3446 were African-American. To clarify, 72.7% of the people who were lynched were African-Americans. The reasons are because of the civil war, the Jim Crow laws, the great depression and white dominance. The Jim Crow laws came into …show more content…

The civil war was the war between the north and south of the United States. Since the north won, the United States became an indivisible nation with a sovereign national government. The Jim Crow laws stated that people of colour are free of slavery, but has to be separated from the white folks. For example, on a bus coloured people would sit on one side and white people would sit on another. The south didn’t agree with the Jim Crow laws or the government, so they would take it out on African-Americans. The great depression was a factor in why lynchings occurred. Since the economy was going down, a lot of people became poor and needed to take out their anger. The African-Americans were blamed and killed as a way of taking out the frustration that white folks felt. Following the civil war, white people felt

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