Macbeth And Ozymandias Comparison

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Macbeth and Ozymandias are two different stories that shares a similar theme. Both tales are about power that ended presumptuously and resulted into downfall. The two texts also shares a story of two kings, once very powerful, failing with their ambition. In the poem Ozymandias, it shows a "powerful king" in emptiness. King Ozymandias was "the king of kings" when he was still alive. Ozymandias also had a high ambition. He wanted to have immortal power and thought so highly of himself that he even made a gigantic statue of him ,so he could be remembered. But the opposite of what he wanted happened instead, he became forgotten and slipped into oblivion. Ozymandias had all the power in the world , only to be tossed away into an empty vast

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