Compare And Contrast Macbeth Play And Movie

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Compare and Contrast Macbeth and Film

Act 1 scene 1:
The 3 witches recited a spell or curse right away instead of starting with the first line in the play, “When shall we meet again..” (Shakespeare, 302).
The second version we watched was less dramatic than the 1948 movie. I don’t think it was even directed on a Scottish moor.

Act 1 scene 2:
This scene was entirely skipped.

Act 1 scene 3:
The witches still remain on the scene even though it states in the play that they left.
Macbeth and Banquo see the witches.
Macbeth overhears how Macbeth is the thane of Cawdor and Glamis and chases after because he was intrigued and wanted to find out more.
The witches seem to stay in the scenes more than the actual play intended them to be.
The movie …show more content…

He only used a few lines from the play, unless he jumbled everything up. At this point, I am very confused and it is extremely hard to follow along with the book.
Originally, Lady Macbeth basically thanks King Duncan for everything he has brought to their family. While in the play she actually does the opposite, instead she tells Macbeth to kill him. He won’t do it alone because she will help by adding poison in his drink.

Act 1 scene 7:
They skipped a lot of this scene. They probably only took the most important snippets of the play instead of beating around the bush.
Macbeth attempts to talk himself out of this immortal deed, but Lady Macbeth jumps in and ruins everything. Thus leaving Macbeth no choice but to commit the crime.

Act 2 scene 1:
Instead of Macbeth starting off his soliloquy with the famous, “Is this a dagger which I see before me..” (Shakespeare, 320) he starts off towards the end of his soliloquy saying, “Now o’er the one halfworld..” (Shakespeare, 320) and then jumps back to the beginning.

Act 2 scene 2:
This scene jumped back to act 1 scene 7 then to act 2 scene 1. After act 2 scene 1, they went back to act 2 scene 2. Then they took a little piece of act 2 scene 3 and went back to act 2 scene 2.
Obviously a lot of jumping back and forth within this

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