Comparison Of Witchs In Macbeth

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For centuries , witches have been stoned to death and burned alive simply for being able to create magic . The notion of witches have been a taboo subject that most people would try to avoid but William Shakespeare did not make their reputation any better by depicting them as malicious and demonic in his famous play ‘ Macbeth’ which a lot of people tried making movies of . Despite bearing some similarities between the three videos in which the witches were in , the differences are profound . To start with , there are quite some similarities between the witches in the three movies . In George Wright’s , Rupert Goold’s , and Kurzel’s movies , all of the witches seemed to say the same lines , despite them being from different timelines . In addition , in all of the movies , the witches create a somewhat eery and chilling atmosphere , whether it was because of the background music or lighting . Not to mention their conversation sounded like a spell as they spoke in rhyme and unison chanting which gives a foreboding atmosphere. Although all of those movies have some few things in common when it comes to the witches’ roles , there are things that occur in the 2006 and 2004 movies that don 't happen in the 2015 movie . We can see that in both of those movies , the witches either destroy something or kill someone . In Geoffrey Wright’s movie , the girl were seen destroying the angel statues and pouring red liquid on them , while in the Rupert Goold’s movie , the three witches

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