The Witch Should Stay In The Media Center Essay

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Should the Media Center Keep or Toss The Witches I believe that The Witches should stay in the media Center because of its adventurous and unique story. The Witches is a unique and amazing book, from the stories the grandmother tells, to the adventure that they take along an odd journey. The Witches is a unique story, it’s adventurous, trilling, funny, and odd. Some people may argue that The Witches should be removed from the Media Center. However that is not the case. I believe the book The Witches should stay in the Media Center. I believe that The Witches by Roald Dahl has to stay in the Media Center for its odd and unique story. In the book, The Witches there is a seven year old boy and his grandma always likes to tell stories about witches to him. The stories and details about witches are very unique and odd. As an example in the text it states, “The second thing to remember is that a REAL WITCH is always bald” “Bald?” I said. “Bald as a boiled egg,” my grandmother said.” This quote shows how different, odd and unique the stories the grandma tells to the boy. As you can see The Witches has odd and unique stories that …show more content…

In the book the boy got turned into a mouse by witches so the grandmother comes up with a little portion to turn all the other witches into mice as well. Even though they turned the other witches into mice as well, the boy is still a mouse. In the text it states, “Suddenly all the other witches, more than eighty of them all began to scream and jump up out of their seats as through spikes were being stuck to their bottoms. Some were standing on their chairs, some were standing on the tables and all of them were wiggling about and waving their arms in the most extraordinary manner. Then all at once they became quiet.” This shows that the book has funny moments, even when you least expect it to happen. So as you can see, The Witches is a funny, and thrilling

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