What Is Mary Warren Accused In The Crucible

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The year is 1692, Salem Witch trials were greatly argued and many turned against their loved ones. Many of the communities people were accusing others of witchery for many different reasons, Mary, accused others to try to protect herself from being accused. Mary Warren was neither conforming nor dis-conforming from her society. During these days children were told to walk in straight lines with their heads slighted bowed, Mary however, did not like that idea and had another idea in mind. The young girls of the town, including Mary Warren went into the woods and did illegal activities. “Witchery’s a hangin’ error, a hangin’ like they done in Boston two year ago! We’ll only be whipped for dancing and other things!” (18). The townspeople had come to the idea that there were people conforming to witchery and the devil, however, they did not know who. Abigail and Mary were the girls you initiated the ill-doing in the woods and now Mary wants to get out of it. Mary goes to the court in Salem despite what Mr. Proctor instructs her to do. “I am looking for you more often than my cows” (20). John Proctor has hired Mary to take care of some of his household, in this time she must listen to everything he says as he is the man of the house, despite Mr.Proctor’s word, Mary continues to go to …show more content…

Mary Warren went to the court and attempted to inform them that the girls were pretending and never saw a spirit. “I cannot lie no more, I am with God now. I am with God” (94). Mary confronted herself to the court and exclaimed how she will no longer lie about what has happened. As she was in the court she told the judge the truth in attempt to get everyone free. “Do that which is good and no harm will come the thee” (88). In the court Proctor tried to help Mary calm down enough to tell the truth, she believed that nothing would happen to her and that caused her to tell the truth however, she was accused of

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