Similarities Between Elizabeth And John Proctor

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A month later in August another case came up. Elizabeth and John Proctor.. When the trials started John always said that the three affiliated girls were lying. But no one ever believed him. One day is servant Mary Warren began acting strange with very awkward behavior. John hit her so she could behave. On April 2nd her fits stopped. Days later her fits returned and she decided to become a witness in the Salem Witch Trials. She accused Elizabeth of using witchcraft.
Figure 3

In this image. John Proctor is minutes away from his execution.
On April 4th Elizabeth found out she was pregnant. So the court began examining John. He was found guilty of witchcraft.But before John's execution, he prayed the Our Father and witches aren't supposed to …show more content…

In January 1693 the forty nine out of fifty two people that survived after being accused a witch were brought into court. The jury agreed to drop all their charges because they were arrested based on ghost like /witch like evidence. Later that same year Tituba war released from the Boston jail and was sold to a new master. Villagers stopped hunting for witches because they lost many friends and families for accusing innocent people. In May 1693, Governor Philips ended the Trials with a trial called the Court of Oyer and Terminer he also apologized for anyone still in jail for any witchcraft charges. This trial went over all the witches accused and the accusers. This trial proved the lack of information that was found before proving someone guilty of witchcraft. Many innocent people died because of uncareful investigation. This special trial ended on October 29, 1692. Years later, in 1696, Cotton Mather apologized publicly to all the Salem citizens of his foolish mistake in having the idea to start the Witch Trials. Since Cotton Mather was the first to publically apologize, others followed after him. The villagers in Salem where followers. If one did something good or bad, the rest would follow. A year later, the court clerk, Samuel Seuall apologized as well. He confessed for all the mistakes he

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