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Many people make big mistakes while under bad influence in power. Some become corrupt, some cave into the pressure, and some just straight up ignore their problems and run away. Macbeth on one hand caved under pressure and killed a man's family in fear of losing the throne and on the other hand completely corrupted himself to become king. People are probably wondering what possibly could have caused him to go mad. The answer is clear. Macbeth's faith in apparitions ultimately lead himself to his defeat, demise and his departure from existence. William shakespeare's Macbeth is about how a good loyle subject can become corrupt power hungry man forcing himself to do the unimaginable. Apparitions are what the future holds for someone. They tell …show more content…

Macbeth's inner demons lead him to not only kill the king to snatch the throne but then he killed a man's family for fear of the throne being taken from him. The following quote explains this. “But if the macbeth could be successfully staged more often, the superstition permeating it might lift and garry wills exorcist, has set himself the task of revealing the lost keys to standing a successful production of macbeth” (1.3.2) this talks about macbeth's demons inside him and goes on to mention how they control him and how there the main reason for the things he …show more content…

People are always switching sides, changing their views, and putting people down to better themselves. Macbeth once was loyal to his superiors but that was before the apparitions got a grasp on his soul. This quote explains how loyle of a soldier macbeth was to his superiors. “Malcom this the sergeant who like a good hardy survivor fought giant capacities hail brave friend” (1.1.5) This quote completely shows how loyle macbeth is to his superiors. So in the obvious events that he was loyle, people may be asking what could have made him do such a thing to his superiors that he was loyal too. Well again the answer is clear the apparitions influenced him ergo his actions leading him to become

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