Macbeth Betrayal Quotes

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Betrayal comes in many shapes and sizes. Everyone eventually gets betrayed even if it’s by family or friends maybe even a girlfriend or boyfriend. In my case it’s family. My dad to be exact. When you get betrayed it damages you. It hurts mentally and emotionally. It hurts because, you lose their trust, the anger builds in you , and it causes insecurities in the future. First, the trust you had for that person is lost. In Act 2, Macbeth starts to betray King Duncan after being influenced by his prophecies told by the witches. For example, my dad lied to me. When he first lied to me I slowly started losing trust but after like two or three lies in a row I was done giving him chances and my trust for him broke entirely. In some cases trust is regained, but it’s never perfect. Another quote I found said, “Trust is like paper once you crumble it, it’s never perfect again”(Anonymous). That quote couldn’t have been more true. As you can tell I am a guy of second chances and …show more content…

For example, in my case after I lost trust I had for my dad he still kept lying and the anger I had just kept growing and growing. Now eventually I was like it’s not good to hold a grudge so forgive, but don’t forget. I still didn’t like him as a person. Another example is, the anger built up so much I even got disrespectful verbally and I don’t do that ever to people intentionally.One of the reasons why I chose to forgive but not forget is to keep peace because there was a inner family war against the people who don’t like my dad versus the people who do. Kind of like Scotland vs England in Macbeth. But instead of me killing him like Macduff kills Macbeth, I chose to keep peace. I didn’t want things to get ugly because at the end of the day, it’s not their problem but mine with my father’s problem. I have tried to fix it but he kept making it worse. All in all, betrayal damages you physically and emotionally because anger builds up in

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