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The skills most important to obtaining power and leading effectively are the skills that deteriorate once we have power. In most cases true leaders won’t abuse the power that they are given and they will use it for the better good. If it gets into the wrong hands then it’s more then likely to be used in a selfish way. The play is about a soldier who wants to be king because a couple of witches told him his fate. He planned to overrule the kingdom and after he did that he had everything, but it just wasn’t enough. He took things too far which started with murder and betrayal. The play talks a lot about the characters who are and aren't leaders. Some might be leaders on the battlefield but when they obtain the power of royalty, it all goes to …show more content…

Macbeth is a well trained soldier who seems like he’d be a great leader and lots of people look up to him which makes him powerful. “All hail Macbeth, Thane of Glamis, Thane of Cawdor, be king hereafter”(Act 1, Scene 1). This quote is showing what Macbeth will become in the future and why people will respect him and his power. People are too scared to stand up to King Macbeth because they are afraid of what he’ll do and the confidence he has with his power is dangerous. “The power of man for none of woman born shall harm Macbeth”(Act 4, Scene 1). This quote is saying that Macbeth isn’t afraid of anyone who stands up to him because “everyone” is naturally born of a woman, so he can’t be …show more content…

King Duncan was a great leader and the people liked him because he looked out for them and cared for them because he wasn’t selfish. “Conduct me to my host; we love him highly and shall continue our graces towards him. By your leave, hostess”(Act 1, Scene 6). This quote shows how the people see King Duncan as a person and a ruler. He respects the people and they do the same. Not very many people tried to deceive King Duncan. “To find the mind's construction in the face. He was a gentlemen on whom I built an absolute trust”(Act 1 Scene 4). This quote shows that Duncan was surprised that the old Thane of Cawdor was a traitor because nobody disrespected the King like

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