Manhood Motifs In Shakespeare's Macbeth

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In Shakespeare’s Macbeth, the manhood motif is a concept that is tossed around. Manhood is shown in many different aspects no matter what character you look at. The actions of the men in this book are all relative to a true man, but I think the honorable man is determined by how strongly he remains true to himself when he is faced with adversity. “An honorable person is someone who believes in truth and doing the right thing-.” With this definition of honorable, you can distinguish that Macbeth is less honorable than a character like Banquo. In a tragedy like this, honorability is shown when a character is their purest while everything is crashing down around them. In the story, Shakespeare’s idea of honorability is centered around remaining …show more content…

Every smiling face you see isn’t sincere and every helping hand isn’t helping because they care. In Macbeth, deception is an important theme that is displayed. I think deception and “manhood” intertwine to complement each other. How cowardly one much be to deceive someone who trusts them or how honorable one must be to be transparent in their intent. In Mortal Kombat X, while seeking vengeance, a character name Scorpion must go through allies of his. When he approached them, suspecting his intent they became cautious and ready to stop him. Instead of being obscure with his intent, Scorpion simply said “Hand over the withered sorcerer.” Scorpion was completely clear in what he want with justified reasoning. In the midst of being vengeful he was still honorable to his allies. Although it led to a fight, Scorpion didn’t compromise his character to his friends to achieve his goal. I think this transparency is what it means to be a man today. In a society where everything is often secretive and “low-key”, a real man can speak his mind or do what he wants and hold himself responsible. This confidence and unapologetic attitude in what you believe in is what creates a persona of being honorable. Many men cannot say they will stand up and for what they believe in and openly support/advocate for

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