Southern Moral Code In William Faulkner's The Unvanquished

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Introduction The focus of this research paper is the analysis of how the Southern moral code affects the main character from the novel The Unvanquished by William Faulkner. First, there is a description of the story in which the most important events are explained. Then there is a part which contains basic information about the Southern moral code and how it is depicted in the novel. After that, the focus shifts onto the characters, especially the main protagonist and his selection of choices throughout the book and what influenced him. Description of the story The story begins with the childhood of the main protagonist Bayard Sartoris. He is a white and privileged boy in Mississippi. One day as he plays with his slave friend, Ringo, they see a Yankee soldier and shoot at him with a…show more content…
The gentleman is a man who protects not only himself and his welfare, but also his family and everyone close to him, whether it is a military unity, someone from the neighborhood or a dear childhood friend. An honorable man always fulfills his duty to honor a commitment “word of honor” which he has made, even though it could end up in a heated verbal debate, bloodshed or even war. He does not rely on civil government and acts upon his own definition of justice to deal with those who hurt him or his loved ones. Therefore, courage is and martial strength are essential characteristics of honor. Furthermore, to display power and honor to the public eye, a gentleman needs to look the part. He has to be as a steady rock which will not falter under any circumstances. On the other hand, the honor of women is defined as the exact opposite. A “traditional” woman of the South is expected to be submissive to a man, for instance, her father or husband. In addition, a woman is never to be harmed by a true honorable gentleman and if so, a man from the woman’s family must take revenge upon the one who hurt
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