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People for centuries have had some type of power. Some choose to use the power for the betterment of the world, others are overcome with their power. This causes them to cheat, lie, and betrayed friends around them. Having the ability to control people, or being rich can and most likely will change a person. There is many examples of this over the ages. This is the main cause of wars and ending of leaders. Shakespeare captured this image of overcoming with power, and changing of personalities perfectly in the play Macbeth. This play is about a man and wife coming so obsessed with becoming the new king and queen they stop at nothing to fulfil this dream. They shed blood and get caught up in their sins and guilt their life story ends tragically. …show more content…

Make thick my blood”. This is a quote from Macbeth’s wife, Lady Macbeth immediately right after she read the letter Macbeth wrote her. In the letter Macbeth tells her about his talk with the three witches, and how they tell him he is going to be king. The quote by Lady Macbeth basically states that she wishes the spirits make her less of a woman and more like a man, and fill her from head to toe with deadly cruelty. She wishes they thickening her blood and clog her veins so she isn’t filled with blood pumped through her heart so she shows no love or guilt.This why she won't have human thoughts so she can kill or do something …show more content…

They talk about King Duncan arriving and talk how to kill. He is staying over night so they talk how they are going to kill him and how he plans to leave tomorrow but will be dead by then. Lady Macbeth talks up Macbeth and tells him how to act so him seems more innocent. Then continues to boss him around and make him feel bad about himself and makes fun of his manhood. All her nagging payed off evenly cause Macbeth murders the king, but Macbeth was overwhelmed with the voices he heard and all the blood he didn't finish the job all the way so Lady Macbeth

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