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William Shakespeare play Macbeth written in 1606 with interesting features because of between Natural and super natural. Which is open scene Macbeth gave a five prophecies from the witches, witches are the super natural women appearance of women. The play of Macbeth by Shakespeare was tradition of tragic stretching back to antiquity. “The play and the image displayed in the picture story of the drama, this section is touch a lesson to all over reader not to be over ambition in our life by William Shakespeare’’. Were many of us can really touches the mind while we read the books or while we watch the movie. Macbeth was a king of the country called Scotland whose rule was obvious by the capable government and the support of Christianity, he was the king during the 11th century, he …show more content…

Even Macbeth fallout to kill the Macduff’s family because of the witches prophecy to him. These are the factor that are responsible for his fall are three witches who instigate his ambition when they make prophesy that he shall become king of Scotland, Influence of witches he becoming a tragic hero. Another aspect contribute to downfall of Macbeth was Lady Macbeth desire to Queen of Scotland, when lady Macbeth received letter from the Macbeth saying that he met the witches, in letter written of his prophesies which he will become the king of the Scotland. After reading of the letter of Macbeth he was very determined to become queen. Even lady Macbeth thinks it is meant to be that he will become king. “Shalt be what thou art promised” but she resolute that her husband will not fellow the plan to kill the king Duncan and he will never take the throne for themselves. She said her husband Macbeth is too full o’ the milk of human kindness”. As soon as messenger enter and share regarding Duncan coming night to their palace, lady Macbeth plan let her husband to kill king Duncan in the time of sleep and keep the dagger near to guard in

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