Nature Of Evil In Macbeth

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Macbeth, the tragedy by the renowned William Shakespeare. The complexity and intensity of the characters in Macbeth is what makes the play one of the most popular plays and arguably the most intense play due to intensity of its action and its portrayal of human relationships. Throughout the whole play the ‘heroic’ and ‘villainous’ characters are constantly switching around leaving the audience confused about which character to trust. In the play, Lady Macbeth is more culpable of King Duncan’s murder, but as the play slowly progresses, Lady Macbeth 's conscience seems to have grown clearer but Macbeth transforms from the once noble and loyal soldier to the power crazed tyrant that will kill anybody who threaten his throne. Macbeth is certainly by far the most evil character in the play. Macbeth evidently undergoes a mental process by which he come round to the idea or murdering Duncan. He does this as a result of his wife’s manipulation, her leverage being his manliness.Without the role of Lady Macbeth, the murder of King Duncan would never have occurred in the play. Lady Macbeth had already been plotting for the murder since she received the letter concerning the three prophecies by the witches. Although Macbeth had sinister thoughts about having the throne, Macbeth would have never dared to take it upon himself to kill King Duncan and steal the throne from …show more content…

Lady Macbeth was clearly the more responsible for the murder of king Duncan but overall, Macbeth’s murderous reign has made the cold-blooded character the more evil character in the play. Lady Macbeth may have been more responsible for king Duncan’s death, but she had never expected Macbeth to kill countless of other people just to keep his throne. “I dare do all that may become a man; Who dares do more is none.” - Macbeth - Act 1 Scene 7 Line 47 to Line

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