Magnasoles: Rhetorical Analysis

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The Onion uses satirical humor to poke fun at modern advertisements and the gullibility of Americans have by mocking the techniques used to sell consumer goods; it does this through its mocking publication of a product called MagnaSoles. This article uses quotes from customers that have bought MagnaSoles, subtle jokes and puns, and the over exaggeration of the sciences implemented by Magnasoles. The article is rampant with subtle hints, jokes, and puns that key the reader in that this article is a joke. With the use of "pseudoscientists" and "pseudoscience" used throughout the article, as well as the "scientific-sounding literature", this is an indicator that this is not real science talking. It also makes fun of the use of making a paper seem more credible through its constant …show more content…

These "pseudosciences" include the fake science of Terranometry, as well as reflexology, magnetism, and the use of crystals. Not only does Dr. Wayne Frankel create a fake science called Terranometry, but also the fake measurement of "kilofrankels". This science aids in the case of "if the frequency of one 's foot is out of alignment with the earth, the entire body will suffer." Not only is this ridiculous, but it just goes to show that in regards to advertisement techniques, if it sounds like science, then it must be true. To continue, MagnaSole 's website explains how Magnasole "utilizes the power of crystals ... a process similar to that by which medicine makes people feel better." This is just another example of if anything is even relatively scientific, it will work and the customer will feel

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