Major Themes Of Comradeship In All Quiet On The Western Front

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Comradeship “We are brothers and press on one another the choicest pieces.” (Remarque 96) All Quiet on The Western Front introduces the major themes of comradeship, because the soldiers depend on one another when in danger, they have love for one another, and they have the common goal to survive with one another. All Quiet on The Western Front shows the dependence the soldiers convey to one another. For example, Kat, “Kat appears I think I must have been dreaming he has two loaves of bread under his arm” (Remarque 39). Without Kat the soldiers would be starving all the soldiers realize this and appreciate him for being there. Kat has the ability to find food in the middle of nowhere. The soldiers also depend on each other for comfort. For example, when Paul killed a man, “You can’t do anything about it. What else could you have done? That’s what you are here for” (Remarque 228). When Paul killed Gerard Duval he was planning on throwing away his life and living for him. Without the comfort and assurance from his comrades Paul would have died from the guilt. This demonstrates how much these soldiers depend and need one another. In the novel it says, “Our only comfort is the steady breathing of our comrades asleep, and thus we wait for the morning” (Remarque 275). I imagine being in a dangerous environment such as an ongoing war it would be difficult to find comfort. However, Paul knowing his comrades are alive and getting some rest brings him comfort. This book also

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