Malaria During The Revolutionary War Essay

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The medical world has changed rapidly over the past few decades. We have solutions to diseases that weren’t even diagnosable before. Although we have tried our best to destroy illness, some diseases have been around since the beginning of time and are incurable. An example of this type of disease is Malaria. We’ve seen symptoms of malaria since The Ancient Egyptian ( around 1500 bc ) and The Ancient Greek times (around 413 B.C ). It is a parasitic disease that involves high fevers, shaking chills, flu like symptoms and anemia. In this essay, I will compare what malaria was like during The Revolutionary War and what it is like now, in the modern age. The word “Malaria” derives from from the Italian for “bad air”. During the revolutionary war, Malaria was all over the American South. It was especially prevalent in the warm, humid coastlands from Georgia to Maryland, where the climate suited mosquitoes and there were plenty of people (and other mammals) to bite. The British planned to send their army to The South to win them over so they could gain a bit more control of the war but what they didn’t expect were the mosquitos who were waiting for prey. The South had a lot of plantations so during the summer time it was a perfect breeding habitat for the hungry mosquitos so when the British arrived, it was time for them to feed. The English were …show more content…

Everything is advanced, better, smarter. We now know what Malaria is, where it came from, how it transfers and how we could contract it. We have found anti- malarial drugs and are trying our best to make a drug which could actually end this disease once and for all. We know how to diagnose and treat diseases like malaria which might sneak up on us because we keep track of not only diseases that affect us but diseases that are worldwide. We are not separated anymore, we work together to help the human race. We work together for

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