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Malcolm X, born Malcolm Little (1925-1965) was a well known human rights activist. Malcolm’s autobiography outlines events in his life that contributed to his spiritual conversion and philosophical views on black pride and black nationalism. The autobiography begins with Malcolm’s childhood and continues on into his adulthood, highlighting specific events that ultimately started him on the long road to becoming a well known and respected human rights activist. During his childhood, Malcolm was subjected to many acts of racism, and although not all acts were of a negative manor, Malcolm had to learn to navigate the conflicts that were created by living in a society racist against blacks. Malcolm was the seventh child of Earl Little, a black …show more content…

This shows the severity of racism within the society at the time. They say children are most influenced during this time, and it is clearly seen that Malcolm struggled with the constant mind game of trying to fit in and trying to stand up for what he believed was not only fair but also morally, spiritually, politically, ideologically, and ethically correct. Malcolm X was a man who came from nothing, overcame anything, and grew up to become one of the most influential and controversial people in history. He became a human rights activist not only for blacks, but for all people no matter the color of their skin. Faced with the struggles of drugs, gambling, prison, death of loved ones, prison, and hatred he continued to fight the uphill battle and spread his message to those willing to receive it. Unfortunately, his message was not accepted by many and was the cause of his death in 1965. Unlike many, Malcolm X took his adversities and hardships and channeled them into a cause much greater than his time, making him one of the most fascinating and important figures in

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