Malcolm X Homemade Education Analysis

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A Story to Remember
Malcolm X’s story is a very touching story of how he started his “Homemade Education”, learning in prison turned his life around for the better and he found his new way of living. In the “Homemade Education,” Malcolm X taught important lessons, such as not to give up on anything, and how people should not give up on their dreams of having success.
Prison life can be tough for everyone as it was for Malcolm X. By making himself busy in the world of books, Malcolm X made his life easy in prison but in his mind he was still jealous of his other inmates who were able to read and write. While he was in prison, he used a unique way to teach himself to read and write by using dictionaries to increase his knowledge of reading and, practicing them day and night to make sure he understood everything
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Muhammad after they started reading Mr. Muhammad’s teaching and were able to relate themselves with other people of their community. Malcolm X wanted to get more information regarding their cruelty by white people over several black people in different countries. So, Malcolm X started reading different books of different authors on these subjects and found a lot of useful information regarding this matter. Malcolm X first read “Mr. Muhammad’s teaching about how the white man had been created led me to findings in genetics by Gregor Mendel” (Malcolm X, 506). It was about black people coming to this country or whether about the oldest black civilization, he read all information and wanted to end this all. Slavery became one of Malcolm X’s favorite discussed topics when he was serving under Mr. Muhammad. Soon, Malcolm X was seen as civil right activist in 1960’s for his people and with the help of Martin Luther King, he supported division instead of alliance and found Black Nation. Malcolm X converted his religion to Sunni Islam in 1964 and changed his name to El-Majj, Malik El Shabazz. He was later shot by National
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