Malcolm X Influence On Religion

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Malcolm X was an African American leader and a prominent figure in the nation of Islam who articulated concepts of race pride and black nationalism in the 1960’s. Malcolm X was born in Omaha, Nebraska May 19, 1925. The job that Malcolm X was common for most African Americans who wanted their rights, Malcolm X was a key spokesman for the nation of Islam. Malcolm X mother Louise Norton Little was a homemaker, His father Earl Little was an outspoken Baptist minister and a avid supporter of Black Nationalist leader Marcus Garvey. Eventually Malcolm X’s father was accordingly killed by a street car running him over, but every African American knew that his cause of death was from a white-supremacist group. The death of his father caused his mom …show more content…

He had six brothers whose names are Wilfred X, Philbert X, Reginald Little, Robert Little, Earl Little Jr, and Wesley Little. Malcolm had four sisters whose names are Ella Collins, Mary Little, Yvonne Little Woodward, and Hilda Florice Little. His father Earl Little died at age 41, And his Mother Louise Norton Little died at the age of 95. The person who killed Malcolm X was a man named Thomas Hagan, Muhammad Abdul Aziz, and Kahlil Islam who was a member of the same group Malcolm X was in The Nation of Islam. The reason they killed him is because they thought Malcolm X was a hypocrite who went against the leader of the Nation of Islam,” Elijah Muhammad. The guns they used to assassinate Malcolm X was a .45 Caliber, a double- barrelled shotgun, and a 12- gauge shotgun. They shot Malcolm X in the chin, hand and chest multiple times. The Ambulance ended up taking Malcolm X’s body to the Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center where he eventually died February 21, 1965. As a result of Malcolm being assassinated the whole African American community was devastated of the assassination. The assassins goal was accomplished but all three of them ended up getting caught and getting arrested two days later after the assassination and were thrown in jail for 22

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